Is this how you talk to yourself?

“How can I have my thoughts and comments taken seriously?”

“What can I say to impress my boss?”

“How can I come across more confidently?”

“How do I motivate people to do what I want them to do?”

Assertiveness Archana Parmar

What are you paying for ?

Assertiveness and Confident Communication Group coaching program

Duration: 8 weeks

Learn specific techniques to become more assertive in all parts of your life.


Imagine if you...

  • Learn the seven-step system for becoming a more effective communicator
  • Identify negative thinking and how to overcome it
  • Evaluate your effectiveness and implement techniques to better manage your communication

Inventory, ​Assignment, and Feedback

  • Assertiveness inventory
  • Replace unhelpful thoughts for assertiveness
  • Finding your assertiveness balance
  • Challenging negative thoughts
  • Assertiveness formula

The Course Starts in October



Value for your money

  • 8 Live sessions (Value- ₹32000)
  • Inventory, assignment, and  feedback (value – ₹5000)


🎁Book- ‘Business English and Leadership Communication- (Value- ₹499)

🎁Follow-up coaching calls (value – ₹5000)

🎁Psychometric assessment (Value- ₹3000)

Total value – ₹45490
Today’s value – ₹10000

Modules and Bonuses

Module#1: Importance of being assertive

  • Measuring your assertiveness quotient 
  • Consequences of not being assertive
  • Personality test

Module#2: Types of assertiveness

  • Five types of assertion
  • How to harness each of types of assertion

Module#3: Developing self-confidence

  • Inner changes to become assertive
  • Self-cancelling thoughts
  • Positive inner script tools- visualization, storytelling, journaling and collage

Module#4: Language and confidence

  • Language that makes and breaks your confidence
  • How you lose power verbally
  • Adjustments to make language work
  • Express opinions with authority
  • Verbally assertive 

Module#5: Creating an assertive body image

  • Decoding non-verbal signals
  • Digital body language
  • Gestures and expressions
  • Power of voice

Module#6: Handling conflicts and confrontations

  • Assertiveness with your friends and family
  • Adopting your message to other’s personality and resistance
  • Respectful listening

Module#7: Assertiveness & Leadership

  • Assertiveness in the workplace
  • Boss and subordinates
  • Assertiveness in everyday life
  • Secrets of successfully assertive leader


Module#8: Final steps in becoming assertive

  • Final steps to take
  • Way forward
  • 1:1 feedback


Bonus #1: Business English and Leadership Communication

Step-by-step guide to exude leadership

I have written this book to help you understand the basics and it has exercises that help you practice the concepts.

Bonus #2: Follow up coaching calls

The program doesn’t end after eight weeks. You will get to book your live coaching calls with me once a fortnight.

Bonus #3: Psychometric assessment

Identify your basic personal style of responding to people, to tasks, to time, and to situations.
Gain self-understanding and self-acceptance, and a greater understanding and acceptance of others.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Stop playing a small version of yourself, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and allow the bigger version of you to shine through.
Assertiveness Archana Parmar

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Identified strategies for overcoming personal barriers and work-related challenges
  • Draw on techniques to help them become more assertive when facing personal challenges
  • Experienced the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour

Assertiveness and Confident Communication Comes With 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

The only thing you risk – is your time.  Which is arguably is the most valuable asset in life.

Well, I can’t give you your time back, but I will definitely give you your money back if you don’t get value from this.

All you have to do is email me within 30 days at and I will give you a full refund – no questions asked.

The only thing that will happen is I will rope you in while designing the next program.