Develop communication skills that bring out the best in you — and in others.

Business English and Leadership Communication Book
  • Create your individual style of communicating
  • Learn to express yourself with clarity and passion
  • Gain the attention of your audience.
  • Discover your own communication strengths
  • Build effective relationships in your professional or personal lives.

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Amazon reviews that the kindle version received-



Archana Parmar Book review

There aren’t many great books on communication, especially for the Indian market that will cover basics like developing English as a second language. This one does.

If you are on the path to leadership and are looking to smoothen the rough edges, this one has it all covered!

– Suman Kher

One of the many things , I love about this book is the bonus reads , you don’t generally get these value bombs in most of the self help books.
In addition to these , I also booked my bonus session on “Presentation Skills”, yes you read it right. It is like getting way more than what I expected.

– Jasleen Riar


Good book to learn good things….m Happy to read this .It has simple language to understand the concept very easily.

– Kapil Khabbar