Executive Communication Coaching

Executive Communication Coach
for emerging leaders and executives

Do you feel you fail to make the desired impact?

Transform the way you communicate and enjoy the success you deserve with customised coaching-training programmes.

Archana Parmar

Here is what I have for you

(customised programmes to meet your needs)

Individual Coaching


Key Features:

  • Develop exceptional communication skills
  • Persuade and convince your audience more effectively
  • Enhance your working relationships and eliminate misunderstanding.
  • Boost your influence.

group training


Key Features:

  • Build phenomenal personal reputation
  • Influence and inspire staff, clients and stakeholders
  • Stimulate a productive culture of communication
  • Boost corporate reputation

Here's What My Clients Say

I am fortunate to come across excellent clients. Here is what they say.
"The 1:1 coaching program with Archana not only provides a set of useful tools to maximize the impact of your communication, but it also allows you to put it in practice and get feedback in real time. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of the program with tangible results and it has given much more confidence. Thank you so much."
-HR Head
"Archana is an excellent facilitator - engaging, knowledgeable and very responsive to participants. Great stories! Definitely would recommend her course- Assertiveness and Confident Communication. She is an excellent facilitator and structures the course to the needs/levels of participants."
-Finance head
New Delhi, India
Archana Parmar

Meet Archana, Your Coach

Hello Everyone!

I am Archana Parmar, an Executive Communication Coach. I help emerging leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs on assertion and persuasion techniques which helps them articulate and express their ideas and thoughts with clarity.

 I also coach and train individuals to improve their  Business English and communication skills.

My aim is to help individuals and companies grow and achieve international success.

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