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Dear leaders,
Do you feel you fail to make the desired impact?

Transform the way you communicate and enjoy the success
you deserve with customised coaching-training

Here is what I have for you

Individual Coaching


Key Features:

  • Develop exceptional communication skills
  • Persuade and convince your audience more effectively
  • Enhance your working relationships and eliminate misunderstanding.
  • Boost your influence.

group coaching


Key Features:

  • Build phenomenal personal reputation
  • Influence and inspire staff, clients and stakeholders
  • Stimulate a productive culture of communication
  • Boost corporate reputation

Here's What My Clients Say

1- ON - 1


Rajesh Kumar, Seattle

"Working with Archana has been transformative. She provided personalized guidance that helped me refine my speaking style and enhance my presence in high-stakes situations. Thanks to her expertise, I now feel more confident and articulate in conveying my ideas to diverse audiences."

Kapil Jain, Delhi

"The executive communication program exceeded my expectations. It offered practical tools and tailored strategies that elevated our team's communication skills to new heights. Highly recommended for any group looking to enhance their professional impact."

Adarsh Singh, Germany

"I can't recommend Archana for executive communication coaching enough! She tailored each session to address my specific communication challenges and provided practical strategies for improvement. As a result, I've noticed a significant difference in how I engage with my team and stakeholders, leading to better outcomes and stronger relationships.''

S Kaur, Chandigarh

"The group coaching experience was invaluable. Through dynamic sessions and interactive exercises, we refined our collective communication style and learned how to convey our ideas with clarity and confidence. A must-do for any team striving for excellence.''

Chandana, Chennai

"I've always struggled with public speaking, but my coach, Archana helped me overcome my fears and develop a clear, compelling communication style. Her support and encouragement have been invaluable, and I'm now able to deliver presentations with confidence and impact.''


Latika, New Delhi

"The assertive communication program empowered me to express myself effectively while respecting others' perspectives. The structured approach and supportive environment made it easy to implement newfound skills into my daily interactions. Truly transformative."

Rohit Singh, Sydney

"Investing in executive communication coaching was one of the best decisions I've made for my career. My coach helped me refine my storytelling abilities and hone my message for maximum impact. I've since seen a noticeable improvement in how I communicate with colleagues, clients, and senior leadership, leading to greater influence and opportunities for advancement."

Asmita Sinha, Jaipur

"This program provided the perfect balance of theory and practice, helping me master assertive communication techniques in various scenarios. I now feel more equipped to navigate difficult conversations and advocate for myself with grace and assertiveness. A game-changer for personal and professional growth."

Sanjeet Singh, London

"Working with my executive communication coach was a game-changer for me. She provided insightful feedback and practical strategies that helped me become a more effective communicator in both formal and informal settings. Thanks to her guidance, I've been able to build stronger connections with my team and deliver more persuasive presentations that drive results."

Archana Parmar

Meet Archana, Your Coach

Hello Everyone!

I am Archana Parmar, an Executive Communication Coach. I help emerging leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs on assertion and persuasion techniques which helps them articulate and express their ideas and thoughts with clarity.

 I also coach and train individuals to improve their  Business English and communication skills.

My aim is to help individuals and companies grow and achieve international success.

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