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Dear leaders,

Do you feel you fail to make the desired impact?

Transform the way you communicate and enjoy the success you deserve with customised coaching-training programmes.

Archana Parmar

Here is what I have for you

Individual Coaching


Key Features:

  • Develop exceptional communication skills
  • Persuade and convince your audience more effectively
  • Enhance your working relationships and eliminate misunderstanding.
  • Boost your influence.

group coaching


Key Features:

  • Build phenomenal personal reputation
  • Influence and inspire staff, clients and stakeholders
  • Stimulate a productive culture of communication
  • Boost corporate reputation

Here's What My Clients Say

I am fortunate to come across excellent clients. Here is what they say.
"Executive communication coaching with Archana has been a game-changer for me. As someone who is not a native English speaker, I struggled with finding the right words to convey my ideas and often felt misunderstood in professional settings. Archana helped me improve my pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary while also teaching me how to structure my communication in a way that is clear and concise. I have since been able to build stronger relationships with my colleagues and clients and even received positive feedback from my supervisor on my improved communication skills. I highly recommend Archana's 1:1 programme to anyone looking to overcome language barriers and succeed in their career. h."
H'bad, India
"Before I started executive communication coaching, I struggled with presenting my ideas confidently and articulately. Thanks to Archana's guidance and support, I now feel more confident in my ability to communicate effectively with my team and clients. I was able to secure a promotion at work and even received praise from senior leadership for my improved communication skills. I highly recommend executive communication coaching to anyone looking to improve their professional communication skills and reach their career goals.."
-Surjeet Singh
Noida, India
Communication coach in India

Meet Archana, Your Coach

Hello Everyone!

I am Archana Parmar, an Executive Communication Coach. I help emerging leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs on assertion and persuasion techniques which helps them articulate and express their ideas and thoughts with clarity.

 I also coach and train individuals to improve their  Business English and communication skills.

My aim is to help individuals and companies grow and achieve international success.

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