Archana Parmar- Grammar

Whether we are talking about a ten year old who is about to sit for his English test paper or whether we are talking about

Archana Parmar Business English

So you decided to advance your conversational skills in English? Congratulations. Improving your language skills can be a great way to move into a better

Archana Parmar How to overcome anxiety

Speaking skills cover a wide range, from engaging in simple conversation to formal public speaking. It certainly plays a vital role in communication process. It

Effective email writing

Professional emails are an important part of Business Writing. Nowadays, there are very few jobs that do not involve the daily use of emails, and

Archana Parmar Empty fillers

Most of us are English-medium pass-outs, yet we mumble-fumble when it comes to express ourselves in English language. Ever thought of it? Most of the

Archana Parmar-Presentation Skills

Myth- Great speakers are born; well some of them are certainly gifted, they are born with the ability to stand in front of people and

Archana Parmar, Paralaguage

The study of non-verbal Communication is divided into three main areas. Paralanguage- the way we say what we say. Kinesics- body language and facial expression.

Archana Parmar-impromptu speaking

What is impromptu speaking? Impromptu speaking is giving an unprepared talk. The typical characteristic of this form of speech is the unprepared delivery and the

Use Dictionary - make friends with words

                                            Making friends with words! Since a language is made up of thousands of individual words, it must be important to know about those words,